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Al Wakrah coach Jose Murcia spoke to the media ahead of their 2023-2024 season Expo Stars League match against Al Shamal postponed from Week 13.

“The solution is to learn from our mistakes. In this situation, we must forget the previous result, then prepare for the next match and one of the most important things is to be loyal and comfortable with the way we play, and I will do everything I can to convey this to the players.

“The Al Shamal team has been developing for the better continuously since it rose to the first division and the performance is developing at the level of the team as a whole, and now in this season they are progressing steadily, and this may pose a danger to us in the next match. I believe that it is a team that is proficient in returning results, and wants to take advantage. The opportunity to rise in the rankings and facing them will be very difficult.

“My ambition in the coming period is focused first on winning the Al Shamal match and if that happens we will be close to second place. In general, we must be ambitious and every detail is important, and we will take every step seriously because now everything is important,” said Murcia.

Al Wakrah goalkeeper Yousef Zaki said, “The team is fully prepared to resume the series of victories.

“The match will be difficult for both teams, and as for us, we are coming from a loss in the last round and we want to remain in the lead circle and improve our position in the square, and this requires exerting the utmost efforts possible and having the highest levels of concentration in order to obtain the three points.

“The level provided by the goalkeepers at Al Wakrah this season is a very good level and this is due to the strength of the competition that brings together the four goalkeepers of the club, as we all seek to develop our level and provide the desired benefit to the team, in addition to the good preparations that we receive in training from the coaches.”

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Published on: 14/04/2024


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