QNB Stars League Week 17 Pre-Match Press Conference — Al Sailiya

Al Sailiya coach Sami Trabelsi spoke to the media ahead of their QNB Stars League Week 17 match against Al Rayyan.

“We are passing through a difficult phase and we know it will be tough against  a side such as Al Rayyan. They are a strong side, one of the best in the QNB Stars League. There is no doubt about it. Their results do not fully match their performance and reputation. They deserved a better position in the standings.

“For us, this game is very important. We have put ourselves in a tricky situation and we have to wriggle out of it. We are fighting with our back against the wall at the moment.

“My players are confident that we can make a strong comeback. We are making some corrections in terms of technical aspects. I cannot reveal them. But our main problem is psychological. Then, our finishing has to be better. We have lost many matches despite controlling them. We cannot lose more games like this.

“I don’t think our professional players are not doing a good job. We have a good group of players with fighting spirit,” said Trabelsi.