Pre-Match Press Conference — Al Markhiya


Al Markhiya coach Yousef Adam spoke to the media ahead of their QNB Stars League Week 9 match against Al Arabi.

“This is a match between two teams with more or less same strengths, same number of points (five) and who are at the same level. We badly need a victory and full points to compensate for the lost points in the last few weeks. It’s also important for the players to continue our campaign in a confident manner.

“So only the performance on the pitch will make the difference. We know Al Arabi are also desperate for a win, so our players know the importance of this game. There’re six or seven teams trying hard to stay off the bottom half. Not much differentiates them. For us, it is only a matter of time before we improve our position in the standings.

“Nine points are still up for grabs in the first phase. Right now, our priority is staying in the top flight. We’ll definitely do that. Then, our goals may change in the second phase of the competition.

“The experienced players we signed recently will help the side. We’ll think of recruiting more after the first phase ends,” said Yousef.